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Anjaneyar Temple - Nanganallur

Temple: Anjaneyar aka Nanganallur Anjaneyar Temple
Place: Nanganallur
City: Chennai
District: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Train Route: Get down in Pazhavanthangal Station and ask for direction from Auto / Auto Rikshaw
Bus Route: Get down in Roja Medicals which is couple of stops away from Mount Railway Station.
Special Days: Thursday and Saturday
Additional Information: The Anjaneyar is 32 feet tall and looks beautiful. The temple also has Nagarajan, Ganapathy, Ramar-Sita-Lakshmanan-Anjaneyar, Venugopalan, and Saint Raghavendra sannadhi.

Being a strong devotee of Anjaneyar, I have been to Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple several times seeking his blessings. The temple is in a place called Nanganallur in Chennai city, Tamil Nadu state, Southern part of India.


Sri Maruti Bhakta samajan trust, consisting of people with high spiritual beliefs, wished for this temple. with the blessings of Sri Ragavendra swami and Sri Kanchi Paramacharyar entrenched the 32 foot idol of Sri Anjaneyar in 1989 and consummated the Kumbabishekam in 1995. The distinguished factor of the 32 feet idol is that it was molded out of a single rock.


The Bhaktha Anjaneya temple at Nanganallur in Chennai is known for bestowing better health to the devotees. The idol of the central image is 32 feet in height making it one of its own kind. Sri Rama, Sri Lakshmana and Seetha with Sri Anjaneyar, Sri Vinayagar, Sri Ragavendra and Sri Krishna with his consorts Bhama and Rukmini are also indoctrinated here. The idol is believed to have special power and is considered a healer.

The website of the temple is: Please visit this site and get updated on the regular and special events performed in the temple. You can also donote to the temple and the details are available in the site.

Information on Temple and Visiting

When you enter the temple, you can leave your footwear outside the temple or with the flower vendors.

You can buy archana items from the vendors. If you go on a weekday, you will not see too many people. If you go on a Saturday, you will see a lot of people because it is a special day for Anjaneyar. From 5 PM till 8 PM you can see the line coming out of the temple and standing still the next street.

Enter the temple. Please note that you switch off your mobile or put it in silent mode. Do not use still, digital or video camera inside the temple. No pictures using any camera (including Mobile).

First you will see Nagarajar Sannidhi (Snake God / King of Snakes) followed by Ganapathi (Pillayar or Elephone God)

Give your archana items on the way to the volunteers and get the token

You will come to Garudazhvar and then Rama-Sita-Lakshmana-Anjaneyar sannidhi

If you want to buy Ghee or Anjaneyar picture, buy it after you see Rama. The counter is next to the Sannidhi.

If you buy Ghee, put it in the Dheepam, which is already lighted. Put the empty bottle in the container.

Go round the Anjaneyar Sannidhi. Get the theertha prasadam. When you do your pradhikshinam, you will see the Yoga Anjaneyar. You have to do the sangalpam there. Then collect the archana items on the backside (on the pradhikshinam route)

You can site and do dhyanam / meditation. Make your sashtanga namaskarm in the place alloted.

Then you will be lead to Venugopala Swamy (Krishnan) Sannidhi. Go around the dhulasi madam and take the aarathi.

You will be lead to take kunguma prasadam. Then the prasadam.

Come out of the temple piecefully with an assurance and believe that Anjaneyar will take care of everything!

DOs inside the temple

Always think about the god
Say only god's name and talk only good things
Chant RAMA RAMA RAMA or your mantra until you come out of the temple
Come in the line and obey the rules set by the temple
Eat the prasadam outside the temple in a neat place, put the dhonnai in the container;

DON'Ts inside the temple

Do not enter the temple after taking alchoal;
Do not enter the temple with your footwear;
Do not wear 'lungi', one of the dresses used by Men
Do not talk anything other than chanting Lord Rama or your favorite mantra
Do not wish others inside the temple
Do not namaskaram others inside the temple regarldess of how senior they are;
Do not violate any rules set by the temple authorities; it is only for the good of us and others to see the god piecefully and get his blessings
Do not use mobile phones and cameras
Do not eat prasadam inside the temple;
Do not spill the Prasadam

Main Mantra

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


Sri Rama Jaya Rama
Jaya Jaya Rama

Sri Rama Jaya Rama
Jaya Jaya Rama



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